Архитектурное наследство

Scholarly journal

Founded in 1951

ISSN 0320-0841

New materials regarding research in the fields of architecture and urban construction are being presented. The authors also focus on the history of the creation of little-known buildings of interest, on the development of local architectural traditions, on new attributions, and introduce recently discovered archive materials. A number of papers are dedicated to the issues of architectural and urban planning development of historical towns and cities or study the formation of architectural ensembles. The edition also includes papers that are devoted to theoretical historical-architectural problems, to biographies of architects, or analyze artistic approaches and concepts.

Issue 62 (2015)

Igor Bondarenko. Regarding Certain Alleged Contradictions in Traditional Views on the Architecture of the Universe

Yuri Kishik. The Forming of Vitebsk’s Pre-Regular Planning Structure

Dmitry Petrov. The Architectural Forms and Problems of the Dating of the St. Mina’s Church in Staraya Russa

Vladimir Sedov. Kazan Kremlin in the late 16th Century

Lyudmila Mazur. Fortress Courtyards in the 17th Century (Examples in Vladimir, Suzdal and Shuya)

Arina Noskova. Little-known 17th Century Churches of the Western Onega Region — Typical Examples of the Onega Region Ecclesiastical Architecture

Natalia Merzliutina. Epiphany (St. Simon’s) Church in Yuriyevets

Lev Maciel Sanchez. Four Siberian Churches of the 1770s: from Baikal to Yenisei

Irina Basova. History of S. S. Apraksin’s House in Znamenka: City Residence or Public Theatre?

Andrei Ukhnalev. Project Graphics of Leading Russian Architects of the Late 18th — Early 19th Century in the Archive of the Vyborg “Mon Repos” Estate (Helsinki)

Mikhail Mikishatiyev. Architect Alexander Bryullov at the Court of Nicholas I. The Creative Individuality of the Master and the Emperor’s Will

Alexandra Lisitsina. Stone Estate Complexes of Gorodets in the Middle 19th — Early 20th Century

Yevgenia Kirichenko. The Influence of Technological Progress on Russian Religious Architecture in the Second Half of the 19th — early 20th Century

Boris Kirikov. The Church of Notre Dame de France in St. Petersburg. From the Neo-Romanesque Style to Northern Art Nouveau

Maria Nashchokina. Certain Features of the Implementation of Architectural Projects in Late 19th — Early 20th Century Russia (on the basis of works by Lev Kekushev)

Alexei Slezkin. The Works of A. V. Shchusev and Church Architecture of the Neo‑Russian Style

Roman Romanov. Bogorodsko-Glukhovskaya Manufactory of the Late 19th — Early 20th Century. “Capitalist Paradise” for Workers: Utopia or Reality?

Vladimir Lisovskii. Architectural Department of the Academy of Arts in the 1920s

Igor Kazus. Association “Tekhbeton” and the Development of Constructivist Architecture in the Urals (1920s–1930s)

Sergei Dukhanov. Historical Centers of New Western Siberian Industrial Towns in the 1930s

Yulia Starostenko. Architecture in the Service of the State: Forming the Positive Image of the Authorities in the 1930s (Moscow)