Архитектурное наследство

Scholarly journal

Founded in 1951

ISSN 0320-0841

New materials regarding research in the fields of architecture and urban construction are being presented. The authors also focus on the history of the creation of little-known buildings of interest, on the development of local architectural traditions, on new attributions, and introduce recently discovered archive materials. A number of papers are dedicated to the issues of architectural and urban planning development of historical towns and cities or study the formation of architectural ensembles. The edition also includes papers that are devoted to theoretical historical-architectural problems, to biographies of architects, or analyze artistic approaches and concepts.

About Institute

The background of the Research Institute of Theory and History of Architecture and Urban Planning is related to the Cabinet of Theory and History of Architecture which was established in 1933. Since 1944 the Cabinet has become a full-fledged scientific institution. Since then its main function is the development of a wide range of fundamental historical and theoretical problems of architecture and urban planning in the context of culture of different countries and epochs.

The Institute's work on the history of architecture has been awarded with various prizes many times, including the highest award — the State Award of the USSR and the State Award of the Russian Federation. The USSR State Award has been given to the Institute’s research in 1979, the State Award of the Russian Federation — in 1992, 1998 (2 awards), 1999 and 2003.

The Institute is developing the theory and techniques of conservation and restoration of architectural heritage. Much of the research is devoted to the use of traditions in modern architecture and urban planning. A comprehensive study of the architectural phenomena and processes in the global architecture of the 20th century is of particular importance. At the same time attention is paid to the latest creative trends in the 21st century architecture and urban planning.



Director — Armen Kazaryan

Deputy Director on scientific research — Nina Konovalova

Associate Director — Alexey Shevchenko

111024 Russia, Moscow, Dushinskaya str., b. 9

tel./fax: +7 (499) 951 82 72



Scientific secretary — Vera Popova

tel.: +7 (499) 951 82 72