Архитектурное наследство

Scholarly journal

Founded in 1951

ISSN 0320-0841

New materials regarding research in the fields of architecture and urban construction are being presented. The authors also focus on the history of the creation of little-known buildings of interest, on the development of local architectural traditions, on new attributions, and introduce recently discovered archive materials. A number of papers are dedicated to the issues of architectural and urban planning development of historical towns and cities or study the formation of architectural ensembles. The edition also includes papers that are devoted to theoretical historical-architectural problems, to biographies of architects, or analyze artistic approaches and concepts.

Issue 61 (2014)

Alexander Sludniakov. The Handwritten Journal “Rogachiov Partisans Fighting the German Invaders” as a Graphic Source for Studying Archaic Forms of Peasant Dwellings in the Forestland of Eastern Europe

Marina Vdovichenko. Architecture and Image of the Cathedral of the Novospasski Monastery

Vladimir Sedov. The Annunciation Cathedral of the Nikolo-Koriazhemski Monastery — a Lost 17th-Century Architectural Monument

Sergei Ovsiannikov. The Trinity Church of the Former Alexandrovski Hermitage and the Tent-Roof Churches of the Second Half of the 17th Century

A. V. Bokarev, E. A. Meliukh, E. V. Khodakovski, D. Sh. Bokareva. Construction History of the Church Complex of the Pomorye Village Purnema in the 16th–19th Centuries

Andrei Bode. Onion-Shaped One-Domed Tops as One of the Typical Features of the Wooden Churches of the Vaga and North Dvina River Regions

Vasilii Markov. Basic Principles of the Planning Structure of Taganrog (trends in town-plannig of Taganrog, 1697–1699)

Andrei Ukhnalev. Russian Period in the Architectural Career of Gaetano Chiaveri and the Roman Architectural School

Alexandra Kliukina. Ecclesiastical Architecture of Rodion Kazakov: architectural context

Sofia Tsariova. Cooperation between the Architect and the Sculptor in the Work on the Stucco Decor of Moscow Buildings in the Late 18th — First Third of the 19th Century

Mikhail Mikishatiyev. Architect Alexander Bryullov at the Court of Nicholas I. The Creative Individuality of the Master and the Emperor’s Will

Natalia Kalugina. Graphic Heritage of Alexander Bryullov. The Pictorial Language of the Architect

Gulchachak Nugmanova. Russian Orthodox Construction in the Kazan Government in the Mid–19th Century

Elena Ponomarenko. The Architecture of the Churches of the Novolineiny Region in the South Urals

Maria Nashchokina. The Problem of Models in Russian Architecture of the Late 19th — Early 20th Century

Elena Ivanova. Regarding the History of Creation of Architect D. I. Grimm’s Project of the Grand Dukes’ Burial Vault in Petropavlovskaya Fortress

Julia Klimenko. I. E. Grabar’s Architectural Experience. Dedicated to the Centennial of the Hospital Named after S. G. Zakharyin in Kurkino

Yuri Nikitin. Architecture of the Russian World Fair and International Exhibition Pavilions in the Late 19th — early 20th Century

Olga Shurygina. Automobile Garage as a New Type of Construction in Russia in the Late 19th — early 20th Century (second half of the 1890s — 1917)

Irina Belintseva. The Formation of the Seashore Façade of Kranz (modern Zelenogradsk of the Kaliningrad Region) in the late 19th — early 20th Century: Architectural and Urban Planning Aspect

Yevgenia Konysheva. Foreign Experience in Planning Urban Landscape Garden Areas in the Late 19th — early 20th Century and its Reflection in the Projects of European Architects Working in the USSR in the 1930s

Mark Meyerovich. Giprogor. The First Years. Commemorating the 85th Anniversary of the State Trust for Planning Populated Areas and Civic Projects “Giprogor”