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New materials regarding research in the fields of architecture and urban construction are being presented. The authors also focus on the history of the creation of little-known buildings of interest, on the development of local architectural traditions, on new attributions, and introduce recently discovered archive materials. A number of papers are dedicated to the issues of architectural and urban planning development of historical towns and cities or study the formation of architectural ensembles. The edition also includes papers that are devoted to theoretical historical-architectural problems, to biographies of architects, or analyze artistic approaches and concepts.

Issue 63

Ponomarenko E. V.

Architecture of the Istrut’ Voskresenki Yedinoverie Monastery in the 19th — early 20th Century

The paper is dedicated to the spreading of Yedinoveriye monasteries and churches in the South Ural region. The author analyses the different stages of construction and the architecture of the remote Istrut’ Voskresenski Monastery, describing its appearance in the late 19th — early 20th century and taking a closer look at the losses and reconstructions of the Soviet epoch. Special attention is given to the architecture of its central Resurrection Cathedral, based on the authors’ measurements and on the few extant sources.

Ponomarenko Elena

Ph. D. in Architecture, Scientific Research Institute of the Theory and History of Architecture and Urban Planning, branch of the Federal State Budget Institution “Central Scientific-Research and Project Institute of the Construction Ministry of Russia”, leading research fellow.

E-mail: evpon@mail.ru


monastery, religious house, South Urals, Istrut’, late 19th — early 20th century, measurements, reconstruction, layout, church, architecture.


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